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Hard Dog Race

There was a big doggy challenge last weekend, where we couldn’t participate, because Kami is not healthy, but we went there to watch and cheer the contestants.
It’s not a real competition, the one who you’re really competing with is yourself.

The rescue organization I volunteer at went with two teams – the running team, who are trained and tough, and the walking team, who went there for the experience and the fun 🙂

6 kilometers and 16 obstacles on a motocross racetrack, it was like a military training, like the Spartan Race or the Legion Run, but together with your dog.

The sun and the heat was unbearable, everybody got dirty and tired, but as I saw the happy dogs and their dog-tired owners, I knew it was worth it.

There will be another HDR in September, harder then this was, called Hard Dog Race Wild, with 12 kilometers and 22 obstacles, and although I am NOT trained, actually I’m pretty sissy, I really want to go. So on our last checkup with my vet, I asked him, will Kami be able to come with me in September, and he said that there’s a chance , so I’m really happy!

I don’t promise that I will train hard, because I’m a lazy ass, but I will do my best, wish me luck 🙂


About the challenge:

Eszkuláp Rescue Organization’s article (in Hun):

Photo credits:

Official trailer:
Bullshit team:
Jánoska, the lazy bullmastiff:


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