Plans for the summer: Slovenia and Croatia

Sooooo, we have our trip planned and our programs reserved. We go to Slovenia and Croatia; my brother, her girlfriend, my boyfriend and me.
The downside is that Kami can’t come with us, because we’ll go to cave tours, where she can’t come – it would be dangerous for a blind dog. But I promised her we’ll take her to some fun place this summer 🙂

We’ll go by my car Paddy, first to Slovenia, where we’ll visit three or four caves, we’ll be there for 3 days, then go to Croatia, Pula, where we’ll hang out at the beach, and on our last day we’ll go to an all day long kayak adventure.
On our last two days  we’ll go to the Plitvicze Lakes, where I was last summer, but the others never saw it, and the Plitvicze National Park is so beautiful that I could go there like 30 more times 🙂

But almost 2 months left till that, so I still have a lot to do.

Till that, check out our trip to Croatia last year


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